The Bridal Emporium, Main St. Miltown Malbay, Co Clare, for all your bridal needs.

The Bridal Emporium is a bride’s one stop shop, from the most magnificent bridal dresses to the huge selection of bridesmaid’s styles and colours. Catering also for flower girls and young adult collections, large selection of debs dresses in stock.

Stocking bridal accessories such as bridal shoes, veils, tiaras, head pieces, etc.

Anne believes that when you walk into a bridal store, it should be your time and your’s alone. When you make an appointment for the bridal suite, you have two hours (tuesday to friday) 1.5 hours saturday) to yourself to choose your perfect dress. There is no limit to how many dresses you can try on. This policy guarantees privacy and one-to-one personal assistance. Anne has taken in to account the busy schedules of everyday life, and therefore, appointments can be made during the day, late evening or even at the weekend.

At the Bridal Emporium we realise that there are not only different shapes and sizes, but also different ideas of your perfect dress, and most importantly, different budgets. Our wide range of designer gowns from ’300 to ’2000 include something for everyone, to make your day complete.

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